Google to switch to EXT4

Google is apparently in the process of migrating their current EXT2 file-systems over to the more current EXT4 file-system (Ubuntu 9.10 uses it by default) Phoronix reports This was brought up in a JFS benchmarking discussion. Google’s Michael Rubin shared ... Read more »

IBM: Manage Data Like Cash

IBM today released a report tracking the effective use of business analytics at successful businesses. The report, “Breaking away with business analytics and optimization,” said that all businesses can differentiate their performance by analyzing data better and by delivering insight ... Read more »

Debian NAS project turns to SheevaPlug

Martin Michlmayr has published several guides about running Debian on the Linksys NSLU2 (“Slug”) router/NAS device, including one on migrating a Debian NSLU2 installation to Marvell’s SheevaPlug NAS design. With the latest guides on troubleshooting, booting, modifying, and cloning Debian ... Read more »

FreeNAS on Debian = no ZFS

Due to license restrictions, Sun’s Zetabyte File System (ZFS) cannot be ported over to Linux. Though many are welcoming a Debian-based FreeNAS, the absense of ZFS gives reason for great disappointment: ZFS was the only reason to use FreeNAS. That ... Read more »

Apple shuts down ZFS open source project

Apple‘s efforts to support the development of ZFS, an advanced file system originally created by Sun, were officially terminated today in a notice posted by MacOS Forge. The tersely worded message only stated that “The ZFS project has been discontinued. ... Read more »