FreeNAS 8 how-to instruction videos

iXsystems has done a great job rewriting FreeNAS and making a great enterprise ready NAS system, but it is also providing good documentationand videos showing stp-by-step how different FreeNAS features can be set up and used. Install FreeNAS 8 in VMWare Learn how to ... Read more »

FreeNAS 8.0.1 Beta 3 released

  Josh Paetzel, IT director at iXsystems, has announced the third and final beta release of FreeNAS 8.0.1: I’m pleased to announce the availability of FreeNAS 8.0.1-BETA3. This is the last beta planned for the 8.0.1 release cycle. The image size ... Read more »

FreeNAS 8.x

FreeNAS 8.0 has been released. More info regarding the release can be found at FreeNAS 8.0-RELEASE now availble (detailed). Some of the issue noted there, e.g. missing iTunes/DAAP, BitTorrent and UPnP support will be implemented in FreeNAS 8.1. iXsystems has ... Read more »

FreeNAS 8 Released

Josh Paetzel from iXsystems has announced the release of FreeNAS 8.0, a FreeBSD-based Network Attached Storage (NAS) services. He says: “I’m pleased to announce the availability of FreeNAS 8.0-RELEASE. FreeNAS 8.0-RELEASE supports NFS, CIFS, AFP, FTP and TFTP as file sharing ... Read more »

Available: FreeNAS 8.0-RC4

iXsystems has announced the availability of FreeNAS 8.0-RC4. Barring major bugs this is likely the last release candidate before 8.0-RELEASE. Beside mostly bug fixes there is one last bit of new functionality, which is GUI replacement of drives in volumes, and a few ... Read more »