NAS solutions are becoming more and more popular as they solve the problem of how to centrally store and share digital content. We’re increasingly using different devices, such as PCs, tablets, mobile phones and gaming stations, to access and share our music, photos and documents. But how do you keep keep track of where your files are stored, keep them synchronised and how to back them up? Third party cloud services can be used to keep our data synced, but do you really want to hand over your data to an external party?

There are plenty of off-the-shelf NAS servers available, but we believe it’s more satisfying to build, set up and configure your own data server.

We provide network attached related (NAS) news and information how you can run, build and manage your own network attached server(s). Follow us for the latest (free) tools, utilities, operating systems that put you in charge of your data. Keep your data safe and secure. At home and in your business.

mynasserver.com helps you with this. We track the latest developments in the DIY NAS building niche. You will find out about the latest releases of network attached storage (NAS) operating systems and utilities that help you manage your NAS.

Apart from the “soft” side, we’ll help you build your own NAS server(s). We provide you with the information how you can build, assemble and configure your own network attached server(s).

helping you keep your data safe and secure, at home and in your business.

Apart from NAS operating systems you will be kept up to date with the latest technologies that will make our NAS systems even better, e.g. iSCSI, RAID) and file systems (Btrfs, XFS, ZFS, GlusterFS etc).

In the past we posted more about proprietary NAS storage solutions and devices by vendors like QNAP, Buffalo, Netgear etc, but now we’ll focus on own-built systems, with own sourced parts and running free operating systems.

You will also find the latest deals and discounts to help you build your NAS as cheaply as possible, so we’ll link to discounted offers on Amazon, NewEgg and other trusted online retailers.

We provide network attached related (NAS) news and information how you can run, build and manage your own Network Attached Server(s) with mostly free software utilities and operating systems.

We put you in charge of your files and data.

Apart from providing NAS storage news, tips and howto’s, you can read about different NAS operating systems and home server solutions. Some are quite specialised (media servers), others are full fledged (OpenFiler); some focus on home networking (OpenMediaVault), other on enterprise storage (FreeNAS). We will help you decide which solution is best for you (matrix yet to be added).

So, to summarise, this website aims to

  • provide news and howtos with regards to NAS operating systems and file systems
  • give tips and advice to help you build your own NAS storage server
  • help you decide which NAS server operating system is best suited to your needs
  • provide you with tips on data security and data storage too, i.e. data backup tools and encryption utilities

Data storage is one of the most important aspects of computing; you may have a high performance PC, a lot of memory and a blazingly fast graphics card but what is the use of it all, if you can’t trust and rely on the safe storage of your precious data? In some circumstances data can be of more value than gold. You NEED to back up your data, and what’s cooler than build your own NAS Server and keep your data under your control?

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  1. I am really looking forward to CoreNAS, I have been mucking about with FreNAS for a while now.
    This seem’s the way forward for a “homebrew” NAS like the one I have built using an old Dell GX260 SFF case, a little tight for two 3.5″ HDD’s but there is room just.

    Good luck this project.


  2. Hi,

    I was very suprised when I realised this project was born. More then that, I´m very happy you´re using Debian as a base Distribution, as with this (and most forks) I´m most familier with.

    Best Regards

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