Openmediavault 3 (Erasmus) released

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Volker has announced the long awaited OpenMediaVault 3.0 named Erasmus. This 64bit-only version of the Debian 8 (Jessie) based network attached operating system has been in development for a long time. It now uses the systemd in the backend and the Sencha ExtJS 6.2 framework for the web interface.

Some of the main features are:

  • Use kernel/firmware backports by default
  • Complete refactored backend
  • Support LVM snapshots
  • Add SAN (Subject Alternative Name) to self-signed SSL certificates
  • File systems will be mounted according to FHS below /srv now
  • Outsource TFTP into a plugin
  • Introduce omv-confdbadm command to manage the database via CLI
  • Enable SSH service by default
  • Use predictable device files everywhere
  • Improve statistic graph colors for color blind users
  • Set SMB/CIFS file/directory masks to values for collaborative workflows
  • Improve email notification subsystem
  • A daily cron script will email the administrator when there are locked/banned users
  • Add module to omv-firstaid to reset the failed login attempt counter
  • Reimplement various OMV CLI tools in Python.
  • Add support for exFAT
  • Improve USB and rotational storage device detection

The whole change log for openmediavault 3 can be viewed here. The ISO image can be downloaded here.

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