NAS News: FreeNAS, Ubuntu, XFS, Btrfs, ZFS, NAS4Free

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This is a NAS and storage related news links round-up. Interesting articles and posts on the advance of open storage file systems and NAS operating systems. It’s good to see that open source storage is making in-roads and is more-and-more seriously considered as a real option in businesses.

freenas-logoOpen Source FreeNAS Makes Inroads In Enterprise Data Storage

The open source FreeNAS Project may lack the enterprise installed base and marketing pomp of proprietary NAS platforms, but more and more organizations appear willing to experiment with it in limited implementations.



FreeNAS: A Worst Practices Guide

While we have created a best practices for FreeNAS, we also decided to take a look at what you don’t want to do; things that will leave you hurting either immediately or down the road.



owncloud-logoGet your own cloud and reclaim your data with Owncloud

In this interview, I ask Frank some questions I’ve been wondering about my own personal data as well as how ownCloud might play a role in a more open, yet secure, data future.



XFS Lands Many Fixes For The Linux 4.3 Kernel

There isn’t a whole lot to this update – it’s mostly bug fixes and they are spread pretty much all over XFS



Btrfs For Linux 4.3 Has TRIM & RAID 5/6 Fixes

Within the Btrfs updates this round is a TRIM patch to fix some corner cases, RAID 5 and RAID6 fixes,



How To Wakeup Backup Nas Server and Mirror Files Using Rsync in Linux

How do I mirror /backups/personal (total 100GB and growing everyday) to a secondary nas Linux server located in my network? You can easily sync your files from main nas server to secondary nas server using the following techniques



ZFS File System Will be Included in Ubuntu

A future version of Ubuntu Linux will have support for the powerful, state-of-the-art ZFS file system.



nas4freeNAS4Free New ARM Build

This is test build for ARM platform based on FreeBSD 11-CURRENT.


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