aStor – a Debian and Einarc based network attached storage OS

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Recently I came acros aStor, a network attached storage (NAS) operating system.

aStor is developed by eTegro Technologies and is based on Debian GNU/Linux distribution and uses Einarc (Einarc is not a RAID CLI), a universal storage RAID command line interface and an API that provides management for various hardware/software RAID devices, uniting them all in a single paradigm.

aStor is available for the i386 and amd64 platforms and can be updated through the web interface.

This NAS OS is available for free and is licenced under the GNU GPL 3 license. The aStor doesn’t seem to be actively developed anymore as the last update was pushed to SourceForge back in November 2009. Compared to FreeNAS, NAS4Free or OpenMediaVault, the web interface looks quite dated, but it supports the most common network protocosl and other features you would expect from a basic NAS.

Some of the features are:

  • Hard drive and logical drives (either JBOD or RAID) management
  • Logical volumes management with snapshots support
  • Shares (shared directories) with access permissions management
  • Comprehensive user and group management

Supported network protocols for file sharing:

  • CIFS
  • FTP
  • NFS


I have contacted the company to find out if this OS is still being used and developed or whether it’s now abandoned.

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