FreeNAS virtualisation

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FreeNAS_bare_metal_virtualizationFreeNAS and virtualisation. Combining the two has been a hotly discussed topic for many years now. People have reported success with virtualising FreeNAS in, for instance, Oracle Virtualbox, whereas other have been “stung” and lost all their data by not installing FreeNAS on bare metal.

FreeNAS experts on the FreeNAS forums have warned against FreeNAS virtualisation and rebuked people (“I told you so”) when they asked if there was any way to get their data back.

Josh Paetzel from iXsystems, the company behind FreeNAS, has now confirmed that it is possible and save to install and run FreeNAS virtually, but, and this is a big but: you have to do it correctly, otherwise you can say “good bye” to your data: Yes, You Can Virtualize FreeNAS.

while FreeNAS can and will run as a virtual machine, it’s definitely not ideal for every use case. If you do choose to run FreeNAS under virtualization, there are some caveats and precautions that must be considered and implemented. In this post I’ll describe what they are so that you can make well-informed choices.

iXsystems recommend VMware although CItrix XenServer can be used as virtualisation platform as well.

Interested in installing FreeNAS virtualised? Read the post “Yes, You Can Virtualize FreeNAS” before doing so.

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