Debian-based FreeNAS development release: OpenMediaVault 0.2

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After two years of hard work, or should we say, after two years of teasing the community with videos, project founder Volker Theile has now made the first development release available to the community: OpenMediaVault 0.2 (lx).

Volker used to be one of the main contributors to FreeNAS, but decided that instead of FreeBSD, Debian would be a better base for the NAS operating system that he had in mind, and OpenMediaVault was born. The development of FreeNAS was then taken over by iXsystems.

The new NAS operating system is mainly aimed at home users and small businesses, but its use is not limited to these. When the code and the development have matured OMV can be used in enterprises as well.

OMV 0.2 is based on Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” and features a modular plug-in system for additional, community developed extensions. Three optional plug-ins are currently available for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), BitTorrent and an iTunes/DAAP server; iSCSI-Target, UPS and LVM plugins later.

More information about the release can be found on the OpenMediaVault Features page, on the OMV wiki and in the release announcement.

You can download the ISO image from SF.

Great job, Volker!

OpenMediaVault is a free network-attached storage server, supporting: CIFS (Samba), FTP, NFS, rsync, AFP protocols, iSCSI, S.M.A.R.T., local user authentication, and software RAID (0,1,5), with a web-based configuration interface. OpenMediaVault is currently distributed as an ISO image and in source form. OpenMediaVault needs to be installed on a Compact Flash, USB, or dedicated hard drive. (wikipedia)

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