One thought on “Logo for OpenMediaVault

  1. I like it… The simplicity of the icon and the allusion to a micro server is cool.

    I think it would look a bit crisper, more punchy, if the lower tagline was in solid print, instead of outline. The outline is barely visible now on that smaller text, and if you shrink the logo for any reao, it’ll be even more so.

    If the tagline lettering becomes too stark with solid black, you could always tone it down with solid grey lettering instead.

    Just some thoughts, FWIW….

    PS: Happy to see the progress already happening on this project… Right now I’ve got a NexentaStor box in my basement (Athlon 2000, 2GB RAM, 5x120GB drives), but my total unfamiliarity with Solaris makes me nervous that something could go wrong and not be able to hack my way back to operational. Something Debian-based would be much more comfortable… plus FBSD doesn’t really like all my FrankenServer’s hardware. Even though it’s early, I think your GUI is already better than NexentaStor, and the extra service daemons in OMV are a better, cleaner fit for a home server anyway.

    Having solid WOL and sensor support will be great… Tho I really like ZFS and would miss its coolness, I suppose for my purposes it’s just geek bling…

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