Thecus multiple RAID setup (Video Tutorial)

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Thecus has uploaded a new video tutorial featuring multiple RAID setup. To help with using the latest AJAX interface to configure multiple RAID, a step-by-step video clip is available (below).

The Thecus® N5500 provides a unique multiple RAID function, allowing more than 1 set of RAID volumes to exist on one NAS system. For this video tutorial, a JBOD and a RAID 5 are configured on the N5500. JBOD has no data protection but provides quick access to less critical data. The RAID 5 has high level of data protection but requires a bit more time during access. It can be used to store important data such as complete tasks. Flexibility on Thecus® NAS products bring convenience to a whole new level.

[youtube IQOwrPCbd4g nolink]

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